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SAS Surgeons

SAS surgeons work at various career grades in hospitals. 

They perform key service roles within the NHS and carry out a wide range of surgical care on the ward, in the outpatient clinic and in the operating theatre.

This section will help you assess whether you want to become an SAS surgeon, how to enter these posts, and how you can arrange your career progression once you have done so. 

New: quality indicators for job plans for SAS surgeons

The College SAS committee has drafted guidance to support SAS surgeons in the job planning process. This guidance is intended to provide a framework on which specialty doctor job plans can be based and adapted to suit the needs of individual trusts and SAS doctors. Download the guidance.

Position statement on SAS terminology

This statement sets out the College's position on the terms and titles used for SAS surgeons and the support these surgeons should be provided with. Download the statement

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