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Women in Surgery

Women in Surgery is a national initiative working to promote surgery as a career for women and to enable women who have chosen a career in surgery to realise their professional goals.

Women in Surgery and Exeter University launch Blog

This blog is part of a project led by University of Exeter psychologists Professor Michelle Ryan, Dr Kim Peters and Ms Thekla Morgenroth in collaboration with the Royal College of Surgeons, Scalpel  and the Medical Women’s Federation. The project aims to increase the number of women working as surgeons by challenging the perception that surgeons are, or need to be, a particular type of person.

This work is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council. The blog is available here. Or you can follow the blog via the Women in Surgery facebook page

Exeter University Video

On Friday the 8th March Women in Surgery and Exeter University  launched of their exciting video: ‘Surgery: No longer a man's world' for more details please see here 
or navigate to it using the menu on the left.

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